About Us

Von Mehl Company, Inc. is a full service specialty industrial supply and service company.  We operate three, integral groups consisting of our Denross NE, Life’ A Blast, and Rust Bullet NE groups. 

We are authorized representatives, distributors and applicators of the patented Rust Bullet line of specialty rust inhibitor coatings and surface preparation products. 

Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, Von Mehl Company, Inc offers unique solutions for cleaning and coating of assets exposed to severe conditions. 

Our specialty is the Pulp and Paper Industry particularly the restoration and preservation of paper machinery.    This specialty holds many challenges. Sever conditions, short maintenance periods and heavy corrosion.  Rust is a costly problem for many.  We have taken what we have learned from these specific challenges and brought the knowledge and products to those items or projects battling corrosion resulting in a great value for our customers.

Our client mills are not only employing Denross for the application process but are also purchasing the product to be used by in house maintenance personal, particularly the rolls shops and building trades departments.  In fact it was our paper industry clients and the employees asking us how they could purchase Rust Bullet for at home and other personal projects coupled with the great success we have had with the product that brought us to becoming a stocking distributor of the Rust Bullet product line back in 2007.

It has been a pleasure working with Rust Bullet and I would urge those who are in the corrosion business or a battling rust to employ the Rust Bullet products to realize the benefits of such a great product and organization.

Timothy A. Meehl